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A dream came true

Alpha-Vet celebrates 30 years of continuous progress

Alpha-Vet celebrates 30 years of continuous progress

In 1992 a young veterinarian, Attila Móré had a dream: Creating a highly professional company that will supply veterinarians with all the tools they need: Pharmaceuticals, instruments, education and more.

What started as a small enterprise in a private house, is now an established market leader in the Hungarian animal health arena. The Alpha-Vet Group, with around 75 million Euros annual turnover is not only a prominent player, but with a team of 600, a significant employer too. Its core business remains the Veterinary Division that indeed acts as a one-stop-shop for vets. At the same time, the veterinary clinics and farms can rely on the high-tech diagnostic services Alpha-Vet offers.

The seventy or so pet-shops under the Alpha-Zoo brand is most probably the first thought of many lovers of dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents, or reptiles, when it comes to pet-food or equipment. The company’s passion for animals is well-demonstrated by two animal clinics, and a dog shelter. In the meantime, the company expanded into natural plant nutrition too.

Alpha-Vet distributes not only preparations of different local and international suppliers but manufactures in three production sites several products itself, many of which are exported to 36 countries around the World.

According to Attila Móré, besides the hard work, the company owes its enormous success to its customers, their loyalty and trust. “What I am the proudest of is that for such a long time, even in turbulent economic years, we have always met our commitments without exception”, the founder says. “In these 30 years, we have never let down our partners. We have paid them in time, all our colleagues were salaried without delay, taxes and contributions were transferred to the government. Since we have achieved our goals to everyone’s satisfaction, we will continue in the same spirit for the years to come.”

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