A brand new Bio foliar fertilizer product line is available now from ALPHA-VET!

In addition to agrotechnical processes and the breeding of disease-resistant varieties, the environmentally friendly protection of our cultivated crops can be achieved efficiently and cost-effectively by using a higher proportion of products that do not qualify as plant protection products in the classical sense, since they stimulate the crop’s own defense system. The products of Alpha-Vet offer reliable natural, environmentally friendly assistance, even in extreme weather conditions.

Boron stimulates generative processes, pollen tube shooting, and development, enhances cell wall stability, and is therefore essential for plant life. In its absence, fertility decreases, and attachment is hindered. Being an essential microelement, its presence is vital for all crops, especially grapes and fruit-bearing crops, oily seeds, and certain vegetables.

Zinc is an essential microelement for plants. As a significant component and activator of enzymes, it is actively involved in protein metabolism and plant growth regulation by stimulating auxin production.

Organit® Calcium is used to prevent diseases caused by calcium deficiency (such as defective apple crops, rotting vegetables, and dry buds).

Iron deficiency appears in a very typical, more pronounced form than any other element deficiencies on both monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants. The youngest leaves of the plant are initially yellowish-green, and then, as the deficiency increases, in-between the green veins turn yellow or orange. In more severe cases, the chlorosis may spread to the veins.

Magnesium is a central element of plant chlorophyll and as such plays a unique role in the plant’s metabolism. It is involved in protein biosynthesis and energy management, a component of enzymes, and serves as an essential element in many biochemical processes as a catalyst. In its absence, chlorotic symptoms appear as a sign of disruption in chlorophyll formation.

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