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Who we are

Alpha-Vet Ltd. develops, manufactures and continuously improves portfolio of veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed supplements, pet food and plant nutrition products. As a result of our innovative investments, a GMP certificated veterinary pharma-ceutical factory, GMP+ cerificated feed supplements factory and a plant nutrion factory. 

What is our goal

According to Alpha-Vet’s philosophy, we can be successful and effective if we support agriculture with complex solutions: counselling, reasonably priced and excellent quality products. In order to protect pets we developed excellent quality preservative-free pet food, which guarantees a long, happy life for our favourite ones.

Veterinary pharmaceutical products

Veterinary pharmaceutical products

A wild range of veterinary pharmaceutical products. Oral and external use, tablets as well and a new generation of medicinal premixes to mix with the forage: the more modern form of granulated fluids.
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Feed supplements

Feed supplements

A wild range of feed supplements. Our liquid vitamins and feed supplements fulfil all the requirements of healthy feed additives. Due to their unique composition and chelated new active ingredients they provide solutions for novel animal health challenges.
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Plant nutrition products

Plant nutrition products

A wild range of plant nutrition products. These products are a natural and economical alternative to conventional fertilization and plant protection technologies.
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Pet food

Pet food

We can provide our customers with high quality superpremium pet foods, meeting the requirements for the best products regarding physical features and components, at reasonable prices.
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Alphavet is in the best 100!

For the sixth time in 2022, Forbes Hungary has compiled the 100 most valuable orders held by Hungarians in 10 established companies. During the awarding, the company that meets the ...

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AlphaVet supporting agriculture in Kosovo

AlphaVet’s agricultural products will help improve farming in the young country. Its fertile soil, along with favourable agro-climatic conditions enable the cultivation of crops in Kosovo. Despite significant improvement in ...

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Forbes writes about AlphaZoo

The Hungarian edition of the renowned Forbes Magazine has recently published an article about the AlphaZoo pet-shop chain. With its 47 own shops and further 27 ones that are operating ...

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what can we do


Wide rage of products:
Medicated premixes
Feed supplements
Plant nutrition
Pet food

Customer oriented
research developement
and registration

Contract manufacturing

More than 40 years
experience in
veterinary business

64.4 million €
turnover in 2019
240 employees


Welfare - farm animal
Animal welfare - consultancy for farms – in field as well outstanding competence (PhD in animal welfare) postgraduate courses Instruments for environmental measurments.
Phylaxia diagnostic laboratory

AlphaVet established a diagnostic laboratory: serology, microbiology, antimicrobial resistance, food and drinking water analysis, envirinmental hygiene investigations, feed analysis for livestock animals to support farmers.

Vettech instruments

AlphaVet set up the Vettech. Apart from veterinary medicinal products, we sell tools of animal health and animal husbandry. Our industrial branch VETTECH provides vets with modern products with a good price to value ratio.

Anitech farm equipment

The Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. became the owner of Petfarmvet Ltd. AlphaVet set up the Anitech. Our industrial branch ANITECH provides Hungarian animal keepers with devices and equipment for animal husbandry.

AlphaZoo pet franchise

We established ALPHAZOO pet food retail chain to assist national pet food stores. We offer the broadest possible product portfolio for resellers and end-users alike; this is why we established the Alpha-Zoo chain of stores. It is a franchise system, now we have currently over 40 partners country-wide.

Phylaxia A.U.V. factory

The Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. and the Phylaxia 1912. Holding Nyrt. have together established the Phylaxia Pharma Zrt., which is actually a joint venture producing and distributing vitamins and other products. We are proud that we have the exclusive right to distribute the well-known products of this historical Hungarian medicine producer Ltd. The exclusive right of distribution covers the Hungarian and export veterinary medicine markets.

Organit production plant

The Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. acquired the Organit Manufacturer and Commercial Ltd., which unique, top quality, humic acid bearing products are getting well-known and widely applied in fields of animal foddering.

Hygitech disinfectants
AlphaVet Ltd. established

In 1989, the Székesfehérvár Veterinary Practising Clinic Ltd. of the University of Veterinary Science was established, which then continued its operation under the name of Alpha-Vet Ltd. from 1996 and still serves as a practical training facility for the University of Veterinary Medicine.

New county animal hospital

Our detailed history dates back to 1972 the foundation of the Teaching Hospital of the University of Veterinary Sciences in Székesfehérvár.

Alpha-Vet Ltd., the uninterrupted legal successor of the Veterinary Hospital of Székesfehérvár, incorporates all the professional knowledge and human values accumulated during 48 years.

First county animal hospital

The first animal hospital in Fejér county was established in 1953.

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