Intensive agriculture has caused continuous micronutrient deficiency in soils and field crops. The European Union continuously decreases the maximum level of micronutrients, even though the optimal function of vitamins and enzymes would need further and more effectively uptakeable micronutrients. The conventional inorganic premixes are not able to supply the necessary micronutrients. Consequently, the lowering tendency of micronutrient levels cause the emergence of pharmaceutical grade in animal breeding such as immune system problems, stress, allergy, cancer, viruses etc. The constantly weakened immune system contributes more and more to hygienic and veterinary problems as well as the rise of medicine costs. The Food Safety Scientific Committee of the European Union declared the following aim: "the application of microbe killing ingredients (antibiotics) as regulators or growth stimulators must be stopped continuously. Nevertheless necessary time must be supplied to introduce the so called alternative ingredients." (EU 1831/2003 order)

Scientific publications and human medical results are destined to make natural humic substances relevant ingredients for " alternative veterinary medicinal products " in the near future. Natural humic substances are complex and multifunctional natural ingredients without side effects and harmful residues. Their importance - as immune system stimulators, antiviral molecules, detoxification agent and organic chelates improving mineral uptake - focus the attention on these molecules.

Our products are the result of several years of research and technology development. The raw material of our products is of Hungarian origin which is medical quality source of natural humic substances. The quality and production of our products are ensured by ISO 9002 and HACCP system.


Vitapol Suspension
Vitapol Pulvis
Immunobee and FulvobeeColiphyl A.U.V.


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