BiogenicPET works through the natural power of revitalization. Due to its active components, it regenerates injured or inflamed tissues, vitalizes elderly cells, and helps to eliminate unhealthy side-effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Chronic joint pains affect one of five dogs during their lifeti me. Prolonged inflammation might occur in dogs that have inherited orthopedic complicati ons such as osteochondrosis or hip dysplasia, or those with a joint injury, infecti on or luxati ng patella. All of these conditi ons usually turn into degenerati ve joint problems, however, bones, carti lage and ligaments of the joints can deteriorate due to natural aging, over 5-6 years. Obese and geriatric dogs are especially at risk. Some cases of arthritis and polyarthritis are also related to immune-mediated joint problems.

Extract of multi-potent embryonic cells in one tablet

Regeneration of injured and aging animal ti ssue is a ti me consuming process lasti ng for 7-10 days even in healthy animals. In the elderly body, when free radicals are released the organ cells are increasingly impaired, consequently, repairing mechanisms slow down. Symptoms can be more serious in cases of skin disorders such as infl ammati on or allergy, when skin is red and itching, causing animals discomfort. Even small injuries can become the source of infecti on, compromising the health of the animal. This results not only slower healing but also can cause alopecia as well.

Chronic mobility disorders are typically treated with conservati ve therapy using anti -infl ammatory drugs or joint supplements. Anti -infl ammatory drugs have been shown to have adverse eff ects (e.g. stomach and gut irritati on, increased secreti on of pepti de enzymes, diarrhea, ulcerati on), and supplements are typically not effective enough.