Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. developed and manufactured its own products for transfer as:
- veterinary medicines
- humic acid based feed supplements
- vitamins
- humic acid based plant nutrient supplements

Through Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd.'s international system of relations can obtain:
- veterinary medicines
- feed supplements
- in livestock breeding equipment
- veterinarian tools

Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. can provide expertise for the above mentioned products and equipments. Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd., has lot of valuable know-how, which can be applied to start to build up a retail and/or a wholesale network for veterinary pharmaceuticals and livestock breeding equipment, with operationtraining also.
- Technical supported sale for own produced veterinary pharmaceuticals- technology transfer, and vitamins furthermore Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. undertakes to create, set in motion and to train for the operation of the manufactury
- License sale, in which Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. can issue the documentation and the registration materials of its own developed products for use in a contract territory.