Alpha Holding is rightly be considered the intellectual successor of the Phylaxia Oltoangyag Termelo Rt. (Phylaxia Vaccine Production Co.) founded by Janos Koves in 1912. The Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. is a Hungarian owned venture established in 1989 the market leader of Hungary's veterinary medicine and animal feed manufacturer and distributor companies. Celebrating its 25th anniversary the company conducts a classic animal hospital activities beside developing, manufacturing, and distributing veterinary medicine and runs a retail and wholesale operations of feed and accessories products.

The history of Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. began with the purchase of the Animal Hospital of Szekesfehervar which was the Practitioner Clinic of the University of Veterinary Science. Beginning 1992 the company has gone under several organizational changes after which in addition to the animal hospital services the company started wholesale and retail of veterinary medicine than animal feed sales. By 1998 the company became one of the dominant player in the market place.

The company is the exclusive Hungarian distributor of several multinational pharmaceutical and animal feed producer. From 2002 the company has been developing its domestic logistics infrastructure. As a result, today there are 3 central locations nearly 12,000 m2 warehouse space stores animal feed and 3,000 m2 stores veterinary medicine products. Our company today owns 29 commercial retail outlets and 72 thousand registered customer base sales network.

We can provide our customers with high quality superpremium pet foods, meeting the requirements for the best products regarding physical features and components, at reasonable prices. The balanced proportion of the main components does not only care for the health and fitness of your pet, but also inevitable for the great flavour. Thus, providing the best flavour played a key role during the research. Our own products are manufactured without genetic modification, the meats always come from healthy substances and are even suitable for human consumption. Our forages do not contain artificial  preservatives and colouring. PET FOOD wholesaleThe pet food branch of Alpha Vet sells food and equipment for your pets. We have a great variety of goods both for retailers and end-users. Our wholesale activity is backed by the 6000 sqm storehouse for pet food and equipment, in which 1 billion HUF were invested. The establishment, opened in 2011, provides a retailing service meeting today’s quality requirements. 10 sales representatives keep contact directly with retailers and animal keepers all over Hungary.

Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. in 2013 had reached nearly 40 million EUR turn over. We are present on the European markets with our veterinary pharmaceutical, feed, and plant nutrition supplementation as well as complex foliar fertilizers, aside from that on the former CIS countries and also in the Middle-East and North-African countries.

If you are a supplier of veterinary or petfood products and want to use the Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. as a distributor please do not hesitate to contact us.


Veterinary Line                                                                     Petfood Line
name:     Rudolf, Takács                                                          name:     Anita, Alföldi
position:  Head of purchasing                                                  position:  Head of purchasing              
mobile:   +3630/4002116                                                          mobile:   +3630/2791120
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