The Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. as one of the first company dealing with veterinary medicines, pet foods and related equipment has been around for a long time in the Hungarian market. The company was established in 1972. Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. develops, manufactures and continuously improves its portfolio of veterinary medicine, feed supplements, vitamins, and make sure all its products have up to date registrations. As a result of our innovative investments, a GMP cerificated factory and the range of veterinary medicinal products will be extended to solutions for oral and external use, tablets as well as a new generation of medicinal premixes to mix with the forage: the more modern form of granulated fluids. Our company today owns 29 commercial retail outlets and 72 thousand registered customer base sales network. Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. in 2013 had reached nearly 40 million EUR turn over. We are present on the European markets with our veterinary pharmaceutical, feed, and plant nutrition supplementation as well as complex foliar fertilizers, aside from that on the former CIS countries and also in the Middle-East and North-African countries.



Our veterinary products contain antibiotics thus capable of preventing bacterial and parasitic infections causing serious shortfalls in animal husbandry. In process are the development and manufacturing of antiparasitic treatments against similarly major harmful parasitic infection diseases. The veterinary products of Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. are manufactured in Babolna in our highly tech equipped  technologically advanced EU GMP certified animal pharmaceutical factory. Both our manufacturing as well as our development is in conformance with the latest EU directives. Currently our products have distribution permit in 8 EU member state.




Forage supplements are produced in Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd.'s plant in Balatonfuzfo. Products made there are listed under two main categories. The know-how of vitamin and amino-acid products were developed by Phylaxia based on product development and product distribution experiences of several decades. In recent years additional product developments by Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. expanded its portfolio of high standard products. The product group containing humic-acid is able to decrease forage use, improve general immune conditions consolidate special toxic materials as well as positively affect many physiological processes. The usefulness of the humic-acid products and the customers' satisfaction clearly expressed by the Animal Husbandry Prize received at the National Agricultural and Food Industry Exhibit of 2011.



Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd.'s plant nutrition supplement products contain only natural components and have ecological certifications. The use of these products in many instances can increase the expected yield. Production efficiency and environmentally friendly attributes are facilitated, the use of typical chemicals are in turn can be decreased.




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